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satsang productions

( sat·sang ) :: being in the company of the truth.

Producer / DJ based in Vancouver, BC. My goal is to create music truest to the artists vision, and in the clearest and most creative environment.


Produced by Me

Red Sky ft. GrandAvian, Blu, Jnsn Ily


Dreamland ft. ayjackson

Artboard 1_3x-20.jpg

Been Through ft. ayjackson


Audio Services

Production | Mixing | Mastering

Working with Juno nominated Studios since 2018, I've grown my skills as an Engineer and Producer. I began producing R&B / Hip-Hop with Vancouver artists around 2016, leaning on my background in Piano / Orchestral Percussion. 

Engineering Credits Include Kaeley Wiebe, Kyle Keough, Jesse Thorsen, Lucid Ending, Leaving Thomas.

Production with Joey Yip, Jaq Havoq, Holo Ingo, Kai Bravewood

Producer of GrandAvian, Jnsn Ily, GONZZY